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Who makes the best bluetooth stereo headphones?

We have created this website because we wear headphones everyday all day at work and we wanted to see who makes the best bluetooth wireless headphones. One day while sitting around the office we though about how bloggers are making a lot of money simply by creating a website and publishing quality content. We wondered if we could get free headphones. So this website has been created to see if huge manufactures would send us a free pair of headphones for us to review.

There are six of us here and we are always wearing headphones. Right now, all of them are wired. We want to go wireless, but we don't want to sacrifice quality.

Do you think your headphones are better than the competition? Please send us a pair (or six if you love us) and we will give you some honest feedback.

It is official. The debate will be decided by the end of June and we will post the process and the final outcome on this website.

Have questions? Send us an email and we will be happy to reply in a day or so.