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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions of use carefully before sending us any headphones.

We,, are a boutique website development corporation based in Southern California and this website has been built to give an honest product review of wireless bluetooth stereo headphones

Companies that send us headphones can expect an online review of the product. A minimum of one of our employees will post their experiene with the stereo headphones. At least ONE link will be posted from our site to the manufacturer's website product page. In some cases, many links will be posted to help these companies with search engine rankings. Because we understand the Google organic search world, we will  try to keep each company's links from our website exclusive and contain unique terms specific to each company. These terms will be determined based on the meta information found on the product page. These terms will be EXCLUSIVE for that company. These terms will also be determined based on the order in which wireless headphones are received. So if the first company who sends us headphones has the keyword term "bluetooth wireless headphones" in their meta keywords, meta title, and/or meta description that term will be used as a link to their product page. If the second company to send us stereo headphones has the same keyword, we will NOT use that keyword. Instead, we will use another term from that page's meta information.

We,, do not promise or guarantee any keyword linking. The above discussion reflects our goal. We want to help companies that send us these high quality headphones. We know they are expensive. Our links are a thank you and not something we are promising.

It is important to say that the content on this site reflects our opinions.

Please review our privacy policy, return policy, and our shipping and handle policy.

Thank you.