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Our first product review is the latest award winning headphones by Scosche: The RH1060 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. The title and number one keyword term for this item is Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones so it makes sense for this website to be reviewing this product.

First, we must say that the wired version of these headphones are incredible. We purchased them a little over a month ago and we fight over them in the office. Even my kids are in the mix and I often find them in their room connected to an iTouch. What is going to happend when we have wireless headphones? My guess is that we are going to have to buy more than one.

So, Scosche, we would appreciate a free pair of headphones so we can test them to see if you really do have the best bluetooth wireless headphones. We are asking all of the major manufactures to send us a pair by May 25th. In exchange, you will get an honest evaluation and you will see how your product compares.

Finally, we would like to thank Scosche for creating these quality headphones. We love our wired version and we are grateful for a wirelss version even though we haven't even tested them. Since we love the wired ones, as long as the wireless version doesn't exchange convenience for sound quality we will be happy. We love Scosche so please consider sending us a pair of your bluetooth stereo headphones.

Thank you,

The Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones